Welcome !

Camp Gan Israel Simcha Monica (CGI) has been around for 50 years.  First in Fairfax, then Westwood and eventually to S. Monica.

Directors Rabbi Isaac & Sori Levitansky have been directing this camp since 1998.

Our experience will ensure and smoothly run program for your child so we can make each one become A HAPPY CAMPER.

Our goal is to allow each child to grow in their unique way, offering a variety of workshops and activities to interest your child. 
We provide a Jewish environment to enrich their knowledge, love and practice of Hashem and his Torah and Mitzvos.

We provide a balance of fun and learning to create a summer ‘camp’ and not a summer ‘school’.

We provide a n environment where children make life-long Jewish friends.

Feel free to reach out to us at anytime with your concerns and questions. 

(Kiddie Camp Handbook is different and will be posted soon)


Drop-off and Pick-up

Drop off time begins at 8:50 am.  When you arrive with your vehicle, do not get out of the car.  A staff member will meet your child.

If you are arriving by foot, you will be asked to wait to the side of the building on the front sidewalk and the same procedures will be followed.

Pick up time is 3:30 pm.  When you arrive, wait for your child to be brought to your car.  Please do not get out of your car, call the director if there is no staff at the entrance.

Please do not block neighbors driveway or street traffic during pick-up and drop-off.

After Care: $5 per half hour

Morning: 8:30-9 am 

Afternoon: 3:30 pm—5:00 pm 



Camp lunch is available for a small fee.  To order the camp lunch please see the lunch order form.  Camp lunches MUST be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.  If camper will be bringing a lunch from home, please send your child’s food in a disposable bag.  We will have water and disposable cups. 

Please send a  water bottle or other drink.  We will have water to refill during the day.


Safety is our number one concern at camp.  

1.  If you wish to send your child to camp with a mask, please have it in a bag with their name clearly marked on the bag.  We will not be requiring mask wearing during camp, unless we are in a facility that mandates it.

2.  In addition, there will be hand-washing breaks between activities, before and after eating and any other time that will deem necessary.  We will also be sanitizing surfaces between uses.

3.  Our camper to counselor ratio is very small. On trips and at the park we are always extra vigilant.  We have created Camp wristbands with our name and number in case a camper is (G-D Forbid) ever separated from his/her group.    We also encourage the campers to wear the camp T-shirt.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to us.

3.  Please read more and sign the waiver on our website. 

What to Wear & What to Bring

Campers should wear casual comfortable clothing and shoes (not flip-flops.)  A hat may be suggested to help protect your child from the sun.  Boys are encouraged to wear a Kipah or hat (such as a baseball cap) and tzitzis.  

Being that many days we will be spending time outdoors, please apply sunscreen before coming to camp.  You may also send along a bottle of sunscreen with his/her name on it to be used during the day.


Camp T-shirts are available for purchase for $15 each.  The camp clothing bring a sense of belonging as well as help differentiate our campers on trips and outings to help keep them together and from getting separated from the group.


It is best that campers leave items of value at home (electronic devices, smartphones etc.)  We are not responsible for any valuable items they bring to camp.  In addition many times these items are a distraction to the activity that is taking place.  If your child must have a phone with him/her, it must be off during camp hours and can be only used after dismissal time.

Please send your child with a coin for Tzedakah daily.


Swimming, Parks & Trips

You will be receiving a schedule weekly of the planned activities and trips. 
This year the boys will be going on trips on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  The girls will be going on trips on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  There maybe other small trips and outings other days of the week.  If there is a schedule change or a late pick up because of a trip, we will inform you.

Our campers enjoy free swim. Trained and certified lifeguards supervise at private pools.    To save valuable time, children should come on swim days wearing their swimsuits under their clothing.  Please name label all items.  Sun Block should be applied on your child before they come to camp so it will be effective.  On swim days please make sure your child has; a swim suit, towel and goggles (optional.)
Boys Swim: Tuesdays and Fridays.
Girls Swim: Wednesdays and Fridays. 
(There will be no swimming during the 9 Day period on the Jewish calendar)



Most communication will be through email and Whatsapp. 
Updates, schedule, daily pictures and more will be posted on our group Whatsapp.

We will also send out weekly emails and printed flyers with the upcoming schedule.

The counselors will be communicating the week’s activities as well as special instruction too.  Look out for their ‘newsletter’ at the end of the week.


Jewish Enrichment

We will be doing many activities integrating Jewish themes.  One program called Tzivos Hashem.  This program is self-learning many basic Jewish concepts, such as Alef Bais, blessings, holiday information.  The more the camper learns, the more points they earn.  The learning is rewarded with prizes at the end of the summer.  Please encourage your child to participate.


Camp Campus:

            Chabad House
            1428 17th St
            S. Monica, CA 90404



Contact Us:

Camp Phone 310-341-3837
Chabad Office Phone 310-453-3011
Sori’s Phone (text and whatsapp): 310-420-2431
Rabbi Isaac’s Phone (text): 424-666-1818
Email: [email protected]
Instagram @campsimchamonica